The NovaBydova Company: “A Sound Mind In A Sound Body”


The NovaBydova Company receives the following words of gratitude from the “Dnepropetrovsk “Rockets” team on a regular basis: “We thank sponsors for supporting the team and assisting in the preparation for the new game season”. The guys take professional American football training. But what our company enjoys most of all is the gratitude realized in victories both on the playing ground and in personal growth of every player!

American football came to Dnepropetrovsk in 2008. Aiming the high target – healthy life for young generation – Maksim Vasilik, Aleksandr Poliakov, as well as everyone inspired by the idea began to “construct” the “Rockets”. The majority of football players are students of Dnepropetrovsk universities.

Do you know how much time a student with an average physical condition needs to become a champion? Right, it all depends on the student’s diligence. “Rockets” lift weights, jog, and study the basics four times a week! They also strictly follow the rule: “want to be the first – be the last to leave training.” Thus as soon as in 2009 “Rockets” held an open flag football city championship (no-touch match) and targeted at the Ukraine championship. Consequently “Dnepropetrovsk “Rockets” missed no all-Ukrainian matches and were leaders in preparation of 12-16-year old sportsmen showing a good example to follow. It is impossible not to fall in love with American football when watching them play or seeing the fitness level of every single player!

Since 2011 following constant friendly and official games the “Rockets” broke through to the well-deserved champions orbit. They triumphed in all matches testifying to the fact that there is no one, who may be compared to them among teams of the first league. In 2013 the guys were among seven major league teams taking the 5th place. Also in 2014 “Rockets” won respect at the flag football championship and in the major league of the Ukraine championship.

“Dnepropetrovsk “Rockets” demonstrated to youth in their city an alternative way of feeling confident, successful, and needed in a team. In a similar way the NovaBydova Company gives everyone a chance to feel confident, successful, and needed at one’s own home and in Ukraine’s capital through the affordable European-quality housing. In addition we call the team “Dnepropetrovsk “Rockets” to seek victory on every field! And to each of you we wish clear targets and athletic perseverance in their achievement!