We Invite Investors and Owners of Apartments at Yabluneva St., 9-A,B,C to Start Internal Works!

We hasten to let our investors know that the house at Yabluneva St., 9-A,-B,-C is open for internal finishing.

Starting July 16th, you may get your keys, deliver building finishes, and commence the internal works at your apartment. To get your keys, please contact, just as always, RC “Shchaslyvyi” Housing Maintenance Office at the address: Sofiyivska Borshchagivka, Kvitneva St., 48.

In case you’d like to get done with your internal works as soon as possible, you may place an order for internal finishing from the builder. That’s a new service offered by “NovaBudova”. Please contact our Home Improvement Department to find out more about all possible options and offers: (067) 600-2598. And please call our Sales Department to get information about the apartments available in the complex: (044) 390-6467, (067) 322-7183.