RC “Shchaslyvyi” on Yabluneva St.

Buying a comfort class apartment is not only purchasing residential property, but getting the most comfortable lifestyle. It also means staying up to date with the most interesting news and knowing everything about construction. That’s why we’re constantly informing our residents and investors. Today we’d like to tell everyone choosing residential property what does “comfort class” mean in the new RC “Shchaslyvyi” on Yabluneva St.

Our Advantages are Your Advantages

The complex is located in Sofiyivska Borshchagivka. And now we can say for sure that it has everything that the city center can offer. To be specific, the RC is 300 meters away from Kyiv beltway; it has convenient junction in two directions: Akadem.Mistechko and Teremki. In 5-minutes walking distance from the RC there’s a bus stop for bus #904, that goes in the direction of Teremki, Ippodrom and Vystavkovyi Tsenter metro stations.

6 buildings has been put into service within our Residence Complex. And those of you looking for an apartment to purchase may be interested to know, that the last building of this RC is about to hit the market.

We Create Atmosphere

Convenient internal infrastructure of any controlled access residence complex is one of the most important features that we always think through and carefully plan ahead.

One of the recent completed areas became a playground for children. It has a new structure with slides, marry-go-rounds, and swings for toddlers and kids. And the cherry on top for the residents became a trampoline that already brings joy to children and adults.

Everything's Only a Few Steps Away

The number of residents of the complex is constantly growing and so its infrastructure is expanding and becoming more convenient.

Not long ago several shops opened in the RC, where you can buy fresh and dried fruits, vegetables and healthy sweeties – “Four Seasons” and “GreenGo”. For those choosing a tour for summer vacations there’s a travel company “Happy Island”. You can find beautiful flowers for any occasion in “Svit Kvitiv” (“Flower World”). Pet owners will find the existence of a pet shop “Barny” in our RC very convenient. If you would need new furniture or doors, our complex has corresponding shops. There are also grocery stores, pharmacy, supermarket “Fora” and several coffee shops offering you nice coffee.

One more piece of useful information is that we offer readymade internal finishing according to the individual design concept of the builder. It means that everything will be done on time, in a good and honest manner.

We hope that this information was useful to you. If you are interested in purchasing an apartment here, please contact us: (044) 390-6467, (067) 322-7183. We want your life in RC “Shchaslyvyi” to correspond its name (“shchaslyvyi” means “happy” in Ukrainian).