RC “Shachaslyvyi”: Change Your Life in an Instant!


If you make a choice of housing, it means that your life is about to change at that very moment! By purchasing an apartment in the RC “Shchaslyvyi” from NovaBydova you become an owner of modern dwelling in a brick house with careful roomy designs, clean entrances, and landscaping. Besides, every RC “Shchaslyvyi” is located in a district with developed infrastructure and traffic interchange. Office premises are available for sale in every development of ours. For the time being available apartments are sold in the RC “Shaslyvyi” in Sofiivska Borshchagivka at Shchaslyva and Yabluneva Streets and in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka at Lenina Street.

A holiday dedicated to the start of the kindergarden construction was celebrated recently in Petropavlivka. This is the reason, along with proximity to a lake and a forest, why this complex is preferred by young families and creative thinkers. It also makes a good choice for active people, because its location allows to quickly access transportation, malls, and service. One may either chose an apartment in the finished houses 10-G, 10-B, 10-A, or in the almost finished 10-D house. By this time entire facade of 10-D has been painted, internal works in apartments finished, and entrances will be completely tiled soon. All territory near the house has been paved; building granite is laid in the recreation area. The complex’s opening ceremony will take place this fall; it will be announced in the news on our web-sites. Sale of apartments in Petropavlivka: (044) 228-63-61, (093) 905-28-28, (067) 409-36-36, (050) 926-03-80.

A cozy complex of 5-storey buildings at Shchaslyva Street is fully constructed. There are still available 2-room apartments in houses 50 and 61! One may have an on-site review of designs at any convenient time by calling for a free taxi ride to it at: (044) 223-76-76, (067) 735-76-76.

The construction of the complex at Yabluneva Street began this year, and it already offers finished apartments! This development lies in the closest proximity to the Kiltseva (Ring) Road (300 m), and its construction is in a dynamic large-scale progress. There are 8 10-storey houses in the project and a kindergarden near one of them. It also includes sports- and playgrounds, Fora supermarket, parking, landscaping. The windows overlook a marvelous scene of Kyiv and top neighborhood. The facade of the first house is being insulated. Roof mounting will be over soon. Walls in entrances will be finished with putty. Plasterers actively work on apartments, corridors, and basement area. Apartments already have screed, electricity supply, almost finished mounting of plumbing outlets; the installation of radiators just started. Elevators will be installed soon. The concrete foundation has already been laid and standard foundation block have been placed at the construction site of the next house. One should see with his/her own eyes how good all works are done. Come over and we will be glad to show and tell you everything! One may arrange about a visit at (044) 223-76-76, (067) 735-76-76.

Your life is valuable, that is why we take all efforts to save your time! Buy your housing today and change life for better together with RC “Shchaslyvyi”!