The fifth construction phase at the address 61 Shchaslyva Str. in v. Sofiivska Borshchagivka was brought into operation 3 months ahead of the initially declared deadline.

Everyone willing may review the Construction Completion Declaration No. KС 1431424800939, which is in the legal department of our Central Office, at the address 80 Voloshkova Street, v. Sofiivska Borshchagivka.

At present there progress works on the house’s connection to utility systems, which are expected to be finished in the course of the next coming 3 months.

All houses of the complex are constructed following the individual architectural design uniting both modern and classical styles. A great emphasis is put on the quality of construction materials and the house’s territory landscaping.

We congratulate all investors on the bringing into operation of the house at 61 Shchaslyva Str. and wish them the quickest housewarming.

 Our sales offices:

in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka: (067) 409-36-36, (067) 990-46-46;

in Sofiivska Borshchagivka: (044) 223-76-76, (067) 735-76-76.

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